Athletic & Exercise Therapy, Bachelor's Degree

The prevention, assessment, treatment and management of injuries and hypokinetic diseases.

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Two exclusive disciplines in one comprehensive program.

Accredited by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, this unique program addresses the design and application of conditioning and rehabilitation programs that enable injured and diseased individuals to return to activity. The program provides knowledge and advanced skills in athletic and exercise therapy, exercise science and business skills to operate a successful practice.


Is Athletic & Exercise Therapy right for you?

If you are passionate about helping others through prevention and rehabilitation of injury and disease to return to activity, the Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy program may be right for you.

Our innovative program is built upon an understanding of the Canadian health care system, culture and society to enhance services to clients, and the research skills necessary to stay current of the advancements in the field of athletic and exercise therapy.

Through extensive clinical and fieldwork experiences, our intensive and immersive degree will provide students with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and prerequisites necessary to seek designation as a Certified Athletic Therapist and Clinical Exercise Physiologists鈩.

assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries and conditions in order to promote optimal healing and safe reintegration into an active lifestyle.

鈩 conduct fitness and health assessments, prescribe exercise programs and provide fitness and health counselling for healthy and/or clients with chronic disease.

Athletic & Exercise Therapy Clinic

As a senior student, you'll have the opportunity to work at Camosun's on-campus clinic听offering both a state of the art applied learning environment for Camosun students, and exemplary services to its clientele.

As a student

This program is delivered at the Interurban campus. As an Athletic & Exercise Therapy student, you will become an integral part of the Centre for Sport & Exercise Education听(CSEE) throughout your program.


Placements will begin in your second year of the program through a field placement with a high school team. In your third year, your placement will be working with sports teams.

In your fourth year, you will participate in clinical placements in the community, and at our on-campus听Athletic and Exercise Therapy Clinic.

After graduation


Graduates of the Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy meet the requirements to pursue the following designations and certifications:

  • Certified Athletic Therapist -
  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist鈩 (CSEP-CSP) -

Career opportunities

Athletic therapists tend to work with the physically active population (athletes and recreationally active populations) and exercise therapists tend to work with those individuals who have conditions and diseases which have been the result of an inactive lifestyle (such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity).

Employment settings for athletic and exercise therapists are many, including:

  • Athletic and exercise therapy clinics
  • Multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Professional sports teams
  • Sport medicine clinics
  • Community based rehabilitation programs
  • Occupational and industrial settings
  • Academic institutions
  • Physician offices
  • Hospitals

Further study

Graduates may pursue post-graduate education in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and medicine programs as well as variety of other post-graduate programs.

Some of our graduates have gone on to pursue graduate studies at universities such as:

Some of our agreements with other colleges and universities include:

    • Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Master of Science in Exercise & Sport Science
    • Master of Nutrition & Functional Medicine
World Federation Athletic Training and Therapy Logo

World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy听(WFATT) is a global organization formed under the leadership of the National Athletic Trainers鈥 Association (NATA) and Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA). This group formalized common practice standards in order for Athletic Training and Therapy to become recognized as an essential part of multidisciplinary healthcare teams worldwide.

What you'll learn

Current students wanting information about your program, go to student planning in听.

Program outline

For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar.

Program outline

What to expect

Four years at Camosun can prepare you for a fulfilling and high-demand career in Athletic Therapy and/or Exercise Therapy.

The Bachelor of Athletic & Exercise Therapy is a four-year program located on the Interurban campus. The program includes a minimum of 1,200 clinical and fieldwork hours.

Year 1

You'll cover the basics of human anatomy, psychology and health. You'll also be introduced to a range of sport and fitness activities.听

Year 2

You'll do your first two practical placements in a team setting. You'll start learning about injury prevention and treatment, as well as health maintenance. You will have an opportunity to seek certification as a First Responder.

Year 3

You'll begin to learn about injury assessment and rehabilitation. You'll also be introduced to the concepts of health and fitness promotion. In addition to classroom learning, direct patient care will be a part of your daily regimen. You will continue to apply your skills in the team setting.

Year 4

All of your theoretical and clinical knowledge comes together. In your final clinical placements, you'll have greater independence and responsibility, and be able to demonstrate the concepts of manual therapy, research methods, and ergonomics.

    Still in high school?

    We have听听available here at Camosun.

    A rewarding career

    Athletic/exercise therapists in BC听* of听$52,140听depending on employer and seniority.

    *2021 Job Bank Wage Rate Data

    Tuition and fees

    Effective from September 1, 2024, to August 31, 2025

    Estimated tuition

    Tuition estimates are for the entire program

    Athletic & Exercise Therapy, Bachelor's Degree

    $25,000 (domestic)
    $65,730 (international)

    Domestic tuition fees vary depending on the individual course fees for the classes you select.

    For International students visit: International Tuition & Fees

    Student fees

    In addition to tuition estimates, student fees are calculated based on your enrolment. Refer to:听Student Fees

    Financial assistance

    You may need to find more than one source of funding to help pay for your education and living costs while attending college. Check out sources of money you don't need to pay back as well as those that need to be repaid.

    Financial Aid & Awards

    Curriculum & courses

    Curriculum and courses title

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    2021 2022

    Course list

    Course name

    Admission requirements

    One of:

    • C+ in听English 12
    • C in English 12 Camosun Alternative听听听

    One of:

    • C+ in Anatomy and Physiology 12
    • C+ in听Anatomy and Physiology 12 Camosun Alternative听听

    One of:

    • C in Chemistry 11听听听
    • C in Chemistry 11 Camosun Alternative听听听

    And one of:

    • C+ in Math 11
    • C+ in MATH 073
    • C+ in MATH 075
    • C+ in听MATH 077

    Note: Acceptance to the Bachelor of Athletic and Exercise Therapy Program is based on the cumulative grade point average (GPA) for the above four听courses. The minimum cumulative GPA to qualify for consideration is a "B" grade or equivalent.

    When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the program admission requirements listed above. Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

    For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar: Loading...

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    Our faculty听are knowledgeable professionals who work in a wide range of athletic and exercise therapy fields. Collectively, they bring a wealth of real-world experience gained from working with organizations such as the听Montreal Canadiens,听Rugby Canada,听Ringette Canada, and the听Canadian Forces; as well as with teams that participated in the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan-Am Games, and the Vancouver Paralympic Games.听

    Please see our continuing faculty below.听For a full list of our faculty, please visit our CSEE contact page.

    Faculty/staff profile

    Isabel Grondin Instructor, Athletic & Exercise Therapy

    Isabel Grondin

    Chair, Athletic & Exercise Therapy

    PISE 212G

    Faculty/staff profile

    Jennifer Gow Program Leader, Athletic & Exercise Therapy

    Jennifer Gow

    Program Leader, Athletic & Exercise Therapy

    PISE 212E

    Faculty/staff profile


    Mike Davies

    Instructional Assistant

    LACC 107

    Faculty/staff profile

    Image of Instructor Tanis Farish

    Dr. Tanis Farish


    PISE 212F

    Faculty/staff profile


    Jamie Johnson


    PISE 212A

    Faculty/staff profile


    Sheena Kelly

    Instructional Assistant

    Faculty/staff profile

    Noreen Ortilla Instructor, Athletic & Exercise Therapy

    Noreen Ortilla

    Instructor AET & MASS

    PISE 306L

    Faculty/staff profile


    Dr. Kai Riecken

    Chair, Kinesiology

    PISE 312

    AET Clinic - Jamie and Skeleton

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    For more details, including courses, please see the program outline in the Academic Calendar.听

    Contact information

    Centre for Sport and Exercise Education

    Campus location

    Pacific Institute for Sport Education Building (PISE) 306

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    Interurban campus



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